Trainers - German Expert Forum 2011

Lin Belcredi Jablonski
Scholl Wolf
Stark Mehl Armbruster

About the presenters


Dr. Kuang-Hua Lin

Kuang-Hua Lin was born in 1963 and obtained a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering before coming to Germany. In Freiburg, Germany, he studied business administration and economics and received his master’s degree (Diplom) with the highest grades and honors and was consequently awarded the Friedrich von Hayek Prize by Deutsche Bank. After obtaining his doctorate in economics (Dr. rer. pol.), he joined The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he became a leading management consultant. He was responsible for numerous strategic and implementation projects for renowned European companies both in Europe and in Asia.

In January 1997, he resigned from BCG and founded the company Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH (APMC), which develops and implements business strategies for German and European firms in Asia. His company has also supported over 300 European companies in their business and expansion activities in Asia, particularly in China, with great success.

Dr. Lin's expertise focuses on management and HR consulting in an international and intercultural context. He is a well-known expert on Asia/China and highly in demand as a speaker at conferences and seminars, e.g. Management Circle and EuroForum in Germany. He has also written numerous articles for professional journals and other media.

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Dr. Alain Belcredi

Alain Belcredi was born in 1957 and is one of the founders of Belcredi & Partner Corporate Finance Consulting. In this role, he has managed private equity funds and their portfolio companies since 2006 in order to optimize the companies’ return on investment. To achieve this, he has developed and implemented a segmented shareholding-controlling system in close cooperation with his clients.

Furthermore, his work focuses on the development and implementation of international structures, especially regarding sales, marketing, local producing and key account management. For this, his extensive experience as an employee in the industrial sector has been extremely valuable.

Before founding his consulting company, Dr. Belcredi worked for a Siemens subsidiary, then as VP for Siemens itself and for Corning, which acquired the telecom cable & hardware division. During these 12 years, he held various positions, including director of export sales, with worldwide P&L responsibility.

By this time, he had already gained extensive experience in the consultancy field. After being awarded with a Doctorate in Biochemistry and Zoology, he was employed by various consulting firms, starting his consultancy career at the Boston Consulting Group and later with the Monitor Company.

His clients value his pragmatism and goal-orientated mentoring.

Dr. Belcredi has a strong international and intercultural background. In addition to his studies in Vienna in Austria and at the London Business School, he has worked in various European countries, the United States, Australia, Israel, Singapore and Thailand.

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Mr. Hans W. Jablonski

Hans Jablonski is senior consultant and owner of jbd – business diversity. He has gained more than 16 years practical experience in people-oriented and organizational development in various sectors, and is currently based in Cologne, Germany.

In the course of his career, Hans Jablonski has worked with companies in a variety of fields (including the automotive industry, the chemical industry, and finance). He is well versed in the management practices of companies operating at international level.

He is an acknowledged expert in his specialty areas. Three years ago Hans Jablonski founded his company, jbd. Since then he has advised companies on introducing and conducting change and diversity management. He is an experienced adviser and moderator on various topics for a wide range of target groups. He is also a much-in-demand keynote speaker on his areas of expertise. Hans Jablonski regularly publishes articles in books and journals. He holds a master's degree in economics and is a certified "change master" and coach. His consulting credentials are further enhanced by his Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

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Dr. Guido Wolf

Dr. Wolf was born in 1959 and holds a master’s degree in communication science. He was a senior partner at a consulting company in 1990 and also worked as a marketing manager for a well-known German chemicals firm. After working for eight years as a professional consultant, Dr. Wolf founded the conex. Institute for Consulting, Training, Management Support and has been the director ever since.

He is a certified member of DQS Germany, a renowned German association for certifying management systems. As a consultant and certified auditor for quality management, Dr. Wolf is in demand as a speaker at conferences and has written many articles on management systems, process management, auditing and managing internal communication.

In addition, he lectures at German and Dutch universities, and has an international background.

He is experienced in the design and implementation of companies’ policies, objectives and strategies, as well as the implementation of the balanced scorecard method. Dr. Wolf has also focused on conceptual design and the implementation of integrated management systems (relating to quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management). Furthermore, he is experienced in the design and implementation of process management systems and the implementation and improvement of audit systems. He has also run communication training sessions for quality and environmental management in various industries and service sectors.

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Mr. Joachim Armbruster

Joachim Armbruster was born in 1958 and holds a master’s degree in business administration VWA (Dipl. Betriebswirt). Furthermore, he is an accredited psychotherapist (HP Psych) at the Public Health Department of Munich.

For more than 12 years he worked as a designer and marketing manager in his own agency, before starting his career as a consultant, trainer and coach. He is the founder and managing director of Life Works (consulting, coaching, training) and Life Events (communication, events, new media).

Since 2002, Mr. Armbruster has been engaged as a certified instructor and trainer for personnel development by various companies and organizations, offering the following core competencies: communication skills, conflict solution and crisis management, coaching skills and team building, resonant leadership and change processes. He is also experienced in the field of systemic constellation work. This is a method which supports managers and their teams in different kinds of processes.

In 2008, he expanded his working environment and began to offer his training and coaching services in Asia, mainly in Singapore.

Mr. Armbruster provides quality training in communication and leadership skills for corporate organizations in various countries. His seminars and customized in-house-training sessions are tailored to help professionals develop new workplace skills or enhance existing skills.

His customers include BMW, Siemens, Esprit, HypoVereinsbank, Mercer Consulting, Electrolux and IG Metall.

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Mr. Peter Stark

Peter Stark was born in 1967 and earned a CEMS master’s degree (Master of International Management) from Copenhagen Business School, after having graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

He started his career in the field of controlling in an international paper company, and also gained experience in analyzing and creating business plans for a Venture Capital company in the United States. After that, he worked in the finance, controlling and marketing department of an Austrian paper mill, analyzing and preparing its market entry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Ten years ago, he began working as a senior partner for Winterheller Software, a company renowned for the support it gives its managers. There, Mr. Stark has successfully implemented company controlling systems in small- and medium-sized companies, as well as in multinationals. He was subsequently promoted to a management position. Now in charge of establishing new branch offices, he is mainly occupied with planning, budgeting and ongoing reporting.

In addition, he lectures at universities in the German-speaking world and is a sought-after speaker at conferences. Mr. Stark is the author of the book Das 1x1 des Budgetierens ("The Basics of Budgeting"), which was published by Wiley at the beginning of 2006. In the same year, it was listed among the 10 most important business books by the Financial Times Germany.

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Mrs. Petra Mehl-Lammens

Petra Mehl-Lammens was born in 1957 and holds a degree in business economics and intercultural studies (M.A.). She started her career at a well-known German bank in Munich and Nuremberg.

Since 1996, she has been working as an independent HR development consultant in the field of organization and personnel development, as an executive coach and as a cross-cultural trainer for India and Germany.

From 1988 to 1996, she worked as an in-house HRD consultant and management trainer at a major bank. In that function, she was responsible for the change management department, the assessment center processes and team development.

She is a member of the ASTD (American Society for Training & Development), SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) and IMCI (Institute of Management Consultants of India).

Mrs. Mehl-Lammens has extensive experience in working in an international context, moderating workshops, and consulting. The focus of her work is problem solving, team building, change processes and cross-cultural topics at an executive level.

Mrs. Mehl-Lammens clients include Volkswagen, Audi, MAN, Siemens Business Services, Crédit Suisse and O2.

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Mr. Jan Scholl

Jan Scholl was born in 1971 and holds a master’s degree in business administration. He has more than 10 years of consulting experience. Since starting his career in 1998 at Pleyma GmbH, he has remained loyal to the company. He now holds the position of managing partner.

He is a lecturer in procurement and supply chain management for enterprise workshops. Mr. Scholl has also written numerous articles and studies on these two subjects.

He has gained extensive experience in the transport, engineering, agricultural machinery and automotive industries, with particular specialization in the following key issues: the development and implementation of process concepts (in SCM), organizational development in supply organizations, potential analyses (regarding purchasing, relocation options, etc.), and the development of manufacturing concepts (including the scheduling of expenses for manufacturing processes and tooling).

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