Venue, seminar fee and payment terms

The open seminars in Shanghai will be held in The Westin Hotel (Bund Center) Shanghai.

The seminar fee includes lunch (self-service buffet) and two coffee breaks per day. The participants will also receive a copy of the seminar documents for her/his personal use.

After registration, the participant will receive confirmation and an invoice. The seminar fee plus services tax in China needs to be paid at least two weeks prior to beginning of the listed seminar. If not paid in time, APMC has the right to withdraw and resell the booked seat.

Policies for change and cancellation

The participant of a seminar can be replaced without any cost. So before you have to cancel a booking, please check the possibility to send another person to represent you.

If a booking is cancelled more than two weeks before the seminar begins, a handling fee of 1,000 RMB per seminar will be charged. If canceled within two weeks of the seminar beginning, or in case of absence, the attendance fee will be charged in full.

APMC reserves the right to cancel seminars at their discretion. In this case, APMC will refund the seminar fee immediately. There are no further obligations of APMC.


If paid at least four weeks in advance, the seminar price will be reduced by 10%. Members of DUSA (European Association Suzhou, are entitled to a special discount of 10% for the seminar due to a cooperation agreement between DUSA and APMC. Together with the above-mentioned discount, a total of 20% discount could be achieved by DUSA members.

If you are currently receiving a personal coaching or career development training at any of the offices of APMC in China, please contact your trainer or coach to integrate the seminars you are interested in as part of your personal coaching/training program.


Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH (APMC), represented by Dr rer. pol. Kuang-Hua Lin as the company’s president and organizer of the seminars, reserves the copyright of the German Expert Forum. This includes every aspect relating to the German Expert Forum, in particular its title and program.

The referees and trainers shall maintain the copyright of their personal seminars, in particular the seminar schedules and content. It is not only strictly prohibited to copy all or part of the seminar content but also the seminar schedules.

All seminar documents, including the presentations and handouts, are to be used solely by the seminar participants. The copying and/or reproduction of any this material is strictly prohibited unless explicit written permission is obtained from APMC beforehand and a suitable fee paid.

Should you have any queries, please contact the following number: +49 (0)211 828 942-0.

Organizer of the German Expert Forum

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